About Mallory

Mallory SmithI am an experienced coach and holistic practitioner, working in an eclectic way to offer each client the service that best suits their needs at the time.

Through Life and Career Coaching I enable people to explore what is important to them, focus, make decisions and make changes, at their own pace.

Even a small shift in one area of life will have a very real and positive impact on the others.

I offer Reiki as a completely separate treatment, but it can also complement the life coaching process for some people. I have been a Reiki practitioner since 1999 and completed Master/ Teacher training in 2009.

Reiki provides a deep relaxation and sense of wellbeing, balance and harmony.

In 2015 I became an EFT master practitioner. I am finding EFT an especially valuable technique in helping people tackle ‘blocked’ emotional issues.