Is a ‘hands on’ healing treatment taught by Mikao Usui which balances the flow of energy in the body and enables it to use its own natural healing abilities.

People find it:-

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Focuses thoughts for clear thinking
  • Brings a sense of balance to mind, body and spirit
  • Can be energising
  • Can accelerate healing
  • Detoxifies the body

(For more information on Reiki, and to see the code of practice I follow go to the UK Reiki Federation at

Some people prefer just to receive treatments from a Reiki practitioner, while others choose to do Reiki courses with a teacher and practise self- treatments. You decide what works for you.

Essential information – the how, where and how much!

Individual treatments


  • As the Reiki practitioner, I will place my hands over your head and body, pausing for about 5 minutes at a time over key areas.
  • You may be lying or sitting down and will be fully clothed throughout the treatment.
  • You may feel a warmth and a tingling sensation. Most people find it very relaxing and some even fall asleep.

Where and how much

  • Reiki appointments are available with me at home or in the therapy room at Swissphysio, Tynemouth Metro Station
    Tel: 0191 296 0567  (
  • Appointments last 60 minutes and cost £ 35.00

If you are having life coaching and want to include some Reiki treatment as part of the process we can arrange that as and when it seems right.

Reiki Courses

I am a teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho and can offer Level 1(Shoden) and Level 2 (Okuden) courses to small groups or individuals.

How, where and how much

  • Courses consist of about 10 hours of teaching and practice spread over 2 days – often at a weekend
  • Group courses are usually delivered in a venue in Tynemouth
  • Individuals may be taught at times and at a venue to suit them
  • Fees would be from £145 to £200 depending on level of course and group or individual study

Contact Details

To find out more and have a friendly chat about Reiki please just give me a ring on 07517 423 669


I studied Level 2 reiki with Mallory in a one-to-one setting and found the course to be both fascinating and rewarding. Mallory is a born teacher and explained each stage of the course so fully that I progressed at a rate that was both dynamic and extremely rewarding. I highly recommend Mallory’s teaching and have used reiki on a daily basis since the course to support myself, my friends and my family.

Katherine Wildman, Creative Director, Haydn Grey Ltd